Top Dressing

Hydro Lawn Solutions offers the Fraser Coast a new Ecolawn Top Dresser – for all your top dressing needs. The Ecolawn top dresser allows an even distribution of soil, sand or compost with ease.  Hydro lawn Solution’s new ecolawn top dresser is capable of processing 8 cubic metres of your chosen product. No more wheelbarrows and rakes, sore backs and blisters; let our new machine take care of your lawn.  Top dressing is generally done after laying new turf, or utilized to level an established lawn. Top dressing hides any inconsistent in new lawn laying, fills in hollows and gives a finished look to your new lawn. Top dressing can add nutrients to your lawn by applying a compost mix or garden soil with a slow release fertiliser. Hydro Lawn Solutions brings top dressing to the Fraser Coast.  The Ecolawn machine operates by displacing a fine consistent spray of your top dress, whether it by soil or sand.