Weeds and Pests

Hydro Lawn Solutions offers Fraser coast residents all the answers to common and not-so common weeds and pest problems. Starting at the base line by choosing a suitable lawn variety can save you a lot of time, money and heartache down the track.

With weeds it is easier and more cost effective to prevent an infestation through maintaining a healthy, watered lawn. Regular fertilising promotes lawn growth and prevents weeds gaining ground in your property. Common weeds in the Fraser coast region are Bindi, creeping Oxalis, clover, cats ear, wire weed, crows foot; all easily treated and kept under control. The best piece of advice is check your lawn regularly and pull out any weeds while they are small. Waiting till the weeds are larger runs the risk of tap roots and excessive seeding, spreading the problems throughout your patch.

Pests in the Fraser coast regions are as varied as the soil types. Common pests are lawn grub, couch mite, black beetle. Unlike weeds, pests themselves are not visible , however the destruction they can cause will destroy even the most healthy of lawns. Here at Hydro Lawn solutions we have been doing this long enough to readily identify what is causing your lawn problems. Call for a free inspection and let us tell you what is going on under the thatch!





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